What ideas underlie this Ageless Wisdom?


What ideas underlie this Ageless Wisdom?


Divine Unity– The whole of existence, all of life, is an indivisible unity or wholeness. Some call it the Divine Mind or Divine Consciousness or God, others Nature, the Absolute or the Oneness. This Divine Unity forms the basis of the concept of Universal Brotherhood which is the first Object of the Theosophical Society.

Evolutionary Purpose – All life is evolving by a process of unfoldment which increasingly reveals this inherent wholeness. It is a return to the Source – the perfection from which all life emanated.

Life as an expansion of Consciousness – Divine Consciousness is in everything. It is universal in minerals and plants, but in animals individuality begins to develop and reaches its fullness in a human being who is a self-conscious individual and therefore responsible for directing his or her own actions.

Reincarnation – As humans, our evolution is spiritual growth through a long chain of experience within a cycle of births, deaths and rebirths.

The Universe is ruled by Law – The life process is governed by the universal law of cause and effect, called ‘Karma’.

Historically Taught – These ideas have been taught in various forms throughout history and teachers often used symbols, parables, allegories and myths to convey these concepts.

The Spiritual Path – By feeling love and compassion for all that lives, by practising self-awareness and by meditation, each of us can tread the path of Self-realisation back to the Source, or God or conscious union with the Divine Mind.

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