ATMAGITA – ’The Song of the Monad‘


The Song of the Monad 1


From the Infinite Source of All —
 the very Fount of Being—
aeons upon aeons ago came I,

Issuing forth as a Spark from the Essence of Flame Itself,
 aware of naught but transcendent glory.

Commencing a cyclic journey covering incomputable periods of time,

Descending from the regions of starry brilliance—

Akin to their flaming lustre, free from all mantles of form—

I could speed anywhere in the vast reaches of Space:

Through solar systems or galactic universes, withal 
having no feeling of awareness,

Yet ever impelled onward and downward, irresistibly 
drawn to the regions of density—

Descending lower and lower, stage by stage, attracted to 
the realms of Form.

There I gathered vestures pertaining to the Kingdoms of Fire, 
Air, Water and Earth,

Lingering an aeon in each kingdom, seeking ever a 
permanent mansion.

At length I emerged from the subtle realms and became
 manifest in material form,

Imbedded in a crystalline encasement, where the pristine 
brilliance of Flame itself was mirrored.

After long aeons and cycles I acquired new vestures:

Where lasting gems and shining brilliants were
 exchanged for beauty and symmetry of form, and colour
 and fragrance,

Where the glowing sunlight stimulated yearning for a 
return to the ancestral Home—higher, even higher,

With the passing of further aeons I entered another 

Having now the power of moving from place to place,
 and able to wing my way once more;

Then, with the taking on of warm-blooded vehicles,
came new sensations of devotion, sacrifice and love.

At length I awoke to find myself of the Host of the
 Human Kingdom,

Learning of the transmuting power of love, pulsating in consonance with the Divine Plan

Now under the regency of the Lordly Ah-hi 2,

Consciously may I strive to speed upon my way to attain 
knowledge of Atman 3.

As the spark seeks to rejoin the flame from whence it

Ever ascending upwards, higher even than the whirling
 Palaces of the Planetary Lhas, 4

Even to the Primeval Seven Sons of Light,

Past blazing suns and trailing comets, past galaxies and 
island universes,

Even to the Central Spiritual Sun . . .

For I have learned to say: Aham eva Parabrahma 5.


* From the book, The Divine Plan by Geoffrey A. Barborka. Theosophical Publishing House, India, 1998.
Reprinted here with the kind permission of the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Channai 600 020 India.
1 Atmagita may be rendered “The Song of the Monad’
2 Ah-hi – Sons of Mind; The Awakeners of Humanity.
3 The Source.
4 Planetary Lhas – Planetary Regents, Watchers or Logoi.
5 Aham eva Parabrahma: “I am verily the Boundless.”

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