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What is Theosophy?

The word Theosophy has been used in different ways throughout History. Nowadays, Theosophy refers to a body of knowledge called Ageless Wisdom that help us answer fundamental questions of life such as:

  • Who am I really? 

  • Why is the world the way it is? 

  • Where did I come from? 

  • What am I doing here? 

  • What comes next?

The term "Theosophy" comes from the Greek theosophia, which is composed of two words: theos ("god," "gods," or "divine") and sophia ("wisdom"). Theosophia, therefore, may be translated as the "wisdom of the gods", "divine wisdom" or “inner enlightenment”. That is, a state of consciousness in which the sage goes beyond his or her mind and gets a direct, supra-conceptual, perception of Truth. This is the primary meaning of Theosophy.

The word Theosophy was first used by Alexandrian Neo-Platonic philosophers and was adopted by several spiritual movements in the West. Among them we can find Meister Eckhart in the 14th century, Jacob Boehme in the 17th century, and Emanuel Swedenborg in the 18th century.

In 1875 Mme. Blavatsky, Col. Olcott, and a group of like-minded people founded the Theosophical Society in New York, bringing the term back into light again. They claimed the work of the TS was a continuation of previous Theosophists, especially that of the Greek and Alexandrian philosophers. Today, The Theosophical Society has its headquarters at Adyar, South India, and branches in around seventy countries across the globe. The Vancouver Lodge dates back to 1992.


Our Mission

"To serve humanity by cultivating an ever-deepening understanding and realization of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual self-transformation, and the unity of all life."

The three Objects

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To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.

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To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science.

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To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.

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